What is a Portable Truck Tire Changer?

What is a Portable Truck Tire Changer?

Mechanic while using portable truck tire changer

When you need a tire change, the first thing that comes to your mind is visiting your mechanic at the garage. Mechanics know precisely what to do to ensure your truck comes back to you better than you had brought it. To change the tires of your truck, it requires a device called a tire changer.

What is a Tire Changer?

A tire changer is a device that is used to remove tires from the wheels for mending purposes and mounting new ones onto the wheels of a truck. The machine is operated hydraulically where it uses compacted air together with hydraulic fluid to flatten a tire, removing it from the seal that ties it to the wheel. When the bead on the tire breaks, there is a tire tool that is used to rotate between the tire and the wheel, shedding the tire off the wheel.

At this point, the old tire is completely peeled out and the wheel is ready for a new tire replacement. Replacing the tire requires one to use the tire changer to squeeze it onto the outer lip of the wheel while positioning it. The tire gets on deflated. So, it needs to be inflated and sealed to the bead of the wheel and the air pressure regulated by the pressure gauge attached to the tire changer.

Portable Truck Tire Changer

Trucks are built to withstand a lot of pressure from underground. However, they may require tire change from time to time and it is important to have one handy to make the whole process effortless. While there are a wide array of tire changer types available on the market, a portable truck tire changer is most ideal in this situation.

A portable truck tire changer can be carried around to use when an emergency strikes in the middle of nowhere. It is more like a manual tire changer that requires a little elbow grease to service truck tires. Portable truck tires are ideal for small garages that offer minimal tire servicing. The reason they are mostly preferred is that they come at a budget-friendly cost compared to their counterparts.

The Structure of a Portable Truck Tire Changer

Understanding what a portable truck tire changer can do in using the equipment better. Let’s go through what makes up the machine.

  • The workbench which is the main component of the machine is dismantled when working to place tires and spin.
  • Separation arm- as the name suggests, it is used to detach the tire from the rim to enable smooth removal of the tire from the wheel.
  • Changing and Deflation device- this one is used to expel gas from the tire to prepare for inflation or disassembly, besides barometric compression gauge.
  • The pedal- a portable truck tire changer comes with three-foot pedal switches right under the unit, operating as clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, tire switch, separate rim, and tightening switch.
  • Lubricating Fluid- the process of disassembling and assembling tires can bring about a lot of friction making the work difficult. With a lubricating fluid, the processes become fast and easy.
  • There is also an interface for compressed air on a portable truck tire changer.

Having to disassemble and assemble a tire on a truck is not a walk in the park without the right tools. That is why having a portable truck tire changer is important to provide convenience and smoothness during maintenance procedures.

Once you understand how a portable truck tire changer works, it becomes easier to operate with minimal effort. Tire changers built for trucks have a special mechanism that enables smooth and almost effortless operation while servicing the tires. With various brands on the market, finding the right portable truck tire changer will not be easy. However, after knowing what you want to use it for, the decision becomes easier.