How To Find Remote Internships

How To Find Remote Internships

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The way we work is changing! Companies have had to make the move to increasingly flexible working arrangements in the last year, with more people than ever before now working from home. The way we gain work experience has also followed suit and as a result, remote internships have exploded in popularity in recent years. Not only are they becoming extremely popular with employers but they’re also very highly regarded, with many appreciating the work experience that students and grads gain and bring to the table when applying for jobs. If you’re excited about the value and benefits that remote internships can offer, then you’re probably also wondering how to find them. Well, check out our tips below!


Consider what you’re hoping to intern in

The first step to finding remote internships is to think about what you’re hoping to gain experience in and what you want to achieve with an internship. It may be obvious what industry you’re hoping to get experience in – for instance you may be studying marketing (although there are a lot of different areas you may focus on) and want to gain experience in a marketing-related remote internship. Those with degrees such as English or history however might not be sure of what type of remote internships they want to undertake so it’s very important to think about what your career goals are. Think about what kind of companies you’d want to work for and research them to see whether they have any remote internships available – even if they aren’t advertising its worth it to reach out and see. You should think about what industries your favourite companies are in and whether or not you feel like your skills would be transferable to different industries.


Research different providers

A great tip is to look into different providers and agencies that may be able to connect you with companies running remote internships. They may offer packages or have arrangements with different employers to help them find the best talent. Start by asking friends or other graduates that you know as they will be able to tell you what kind of experience they had with different providers. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with a provider, then do some research and look for them online. Look for reviews and research their offering online closely, including what’s include and more importantly not included in their offering. Look for different benefits and perks, such as whether or not remote internships may offer the opportunity to travel abroad at a later date and think carefully about whether or not different providers will meet your needs. Most students will find that providers are very helpful and can make the process of finding opportunities much faster as they partner with desirable companies and know exactly what you need to do to get hired. If you’re struggling to find good opportunities than consider reaching out to a provider to find something that works for you.


Use your university network

Most universities are a great place to start when you’re looking for different work experience opportunities. They are often closely connected with companies relevant to many different fields and will sometimes host work fairs or help to connect companies with the best talent. If you’re looking for great opportunities than you should definitely consider reaching out to your alumni network.


Compare online programs

Every work experience opportunity will be slightly different so make sure you look carefully at whether at what’s on offer for different programs and make comparisons. We’d suggest making a list of what’s a must for you and going from there.